How can you use your business resources to their potential to improve your Cyber Security Posture, and reduce your Risk?

Let us put decades of World Class Cyber Security expertise at your disposal.

Cyber Toa’s vCISO Service can provide the expertise you need to deliver your Information Security objectives.

We offer a flexible solution for Organisations that can’t justify a fulltime CISO. 

Access to our full range of services

Cyber Toa provides a wide range of Information Security Services - Risk Assessments, Response Plans, Training, and real-time Incident Response.

We can recommend the actions you can take to make your business more secure today, and help you create a road-map for the longer term.

When you become a vCISO Customer you can access all these services directly from your designated CISO. You also have the back up of Cyber Toa’s highly skilled Team, providing a wider range of in-depth Expertise than just one person could offer.



How does a virtual Chief Information Security Officer work?

It’s entirely up to you. For most clients a Monthly Retainer model is most appropriate, with requirements ranging from just a few hours per month upwards. Your designated CISO works with you to identify and provide the Services most appropriate to your business, which might include:

  • Leadership, Guidance, or Mentoring for your Technical Teams
  • Security Policy, Process, and Procedure Development
  • Enabling Compliance with Regulation and best practice Guidelines
  • Response Plan Development
  • Real-time Incident Response
  • Security Awareness, and Training
  • Security Assessment
  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Assessment of Third-Party Supplier Risk


Key benefits of a Cyber Toa virtual Chief Information Security Officer - vCISO

Using our vCISO service gives you immediate access to the Information Security Leadership you need, without the overhead of a full- time resource. You only engage us for the hours you need.

You can have the confidence of employing someone who has been a leader in the Information Security field, whilst also having access to highly specialist skills as you need them.

Via our partnership with the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University,  our experts have access to constantly updated best practice solutions and threat intelligence.

If you grow to need a full time Chief Information Security Officer we can help you identify the skillset you need, and assist with finding the right person in a highly competitive market.