Cyber Security Training

Globally, there is a shortage of skilled cyber security professionals. Cyber Toa offers a range of  technical and non-technical cyber security courses to up-skill yourself or your staff to meet this demand. We offer both introductory and advanced courses in web applications, network security and cyber-reconnaissance, as well as courses for developing a incident response playbook.

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Upcoming Cyber Security Courses

Regular Courses

Incident Response Playbook

Our incident response playbook course is designed to help technical staff to develop their own cyber security response playbook in order to be prepared for a range of cyber security attacks.

web security fundamentals

This course covers the most common web exploits and examples of vulnerable applications, giving managers and executives an overview of common exploits to check their applications against, and also provides general best-practice cyber security advice for organisations.

Defensive Network Security

This course provides detailed analysis of various defence mechanisms against threats. Various policies that are in practice to mitigate threats and their effectiveness are also covered. 

On Demand Courses

Cyber Security AWareness

Our awareness training is suitable for all staff and covers a range of simple cyber security tips and practices that can help an organisation secure itself against cyber-threats. We offers a customised training experience which can be tailored to the needs of individual organisations or teams.

Testing your web apps for exploits

Improve security in your web application design process. This course covers OWASP web application testing tools, the most common web exploits and examples of vulnerable applications. This hands-on course is aimed at developers who wish to test or improve the security of their web applications.

Other on demand courses include:

  • Dark Web Training

  • Offensive Cyber Security

  • Digital Forensics

  • Cyber Security for Managers

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