Cyber Security Training with Cyber Toa

With the shortage of skilled cyber security professionals we offer a range of cyber security courses.

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Defensive Network Security Introduction

A detailed analysis of various defence mechanisms against threats is part of this course. Various policies that are in practice to mitigate threats and their effectiveness are covered in the course. 


Improve security in your web application design process. This course covers web application tools, the most common web exploits and examples of vulnerable applications. 

Cyber AWareness training

Our awareness training brings real world cyber issues to life.

Risk assessment training | OCTAVE

This course will enable you to perform your own risk assessments using OCTAVE Allegro.

creating a csirt

This course provides a high-level overview of the key issues and decisions that must be addressed in establishing a CSIRT. 


It provides a basic introduction to the main incident handling tasks and critical thinking skills that will help an incident handler perform their daily work. 

Managing a CSIRT

The Managing CSIRTs course focuses on incident handling issues from an operational management perspective and discusses best practices in sustaining an effective operation.