Technical Services

No two businesses are alike. In particular, modern IT systems are complex and require tailored solutions. Our Technical Team can cover a wide range of Security Requirements, from testing your key systems, to Security Product Selection and Implementation. We advise on what is right for your unique business environment.



Cyber attack

If you have had your Site Penetration tested, we will use an Industry Standard attack box not used or made by traditional Penetration Testing companies. This service takes the approach of knowing what Hardware and Software your company uses for protection. With this knowledge, we will generate many dedicated attacks to test your defences to their maximum. With many variations to perform each attack, as Cyber-Attackers would do, the permutations are exhaustive. All this is executed on a dedicated Hardware Platform in a fully automated and repeatable fashion.   


Software Team leadership

Preventing defects appearing in software products is the first line of defence for Cyber Security. We can deploy skilled software engineers that will help structure and guide your in-house Software Teams. The result will be a more efficient team who will produce a higher quality product. There will be a focus on Security within the product development process, which may involve Individual Training Plans for team members. The Service can also include the Product Testing Teams.


Tertiary Consultancy

Cyber Toa has partnered with Victoria University to produce arguably the first dedicated Cyber Degree, Bachelors of Engineering in Cyber. This degree program takes the student on a four-year journey.  They are taught the lowest levels of a computer up to and including the Application Layer.  The will be taught skills such as Programming Operating Systems (MS Windows, Linux, and Mac-OS), Device Drivers, Secure Kernels, Risk Assessments, Coding and Detecting Exploits, Attribution, Reverse Engineering, and Forensic Computing.


Research and Development

We can provide clients with our Research and Development capability to help solve specific and bespoke problems.  Some of our clients work with highly sensitive Information, for that reason discretion and confidentiality are paramount. To date we have aided clients with several solutions where we have provided solutions including Capability, Tool Development, Contracting Service, and Specialized Training.