Management Team


director, cyber training - LISA TURNER

Lisa is the Director, Cyber Training for Cyber Toa, as well as a Director and Principal of Total Risk Management. A Security Specialist, Lisa has previous experience as a police detective, and co-founded Total Risk Management in 2006. Lisa's recent experience has been in developing and managing high level Revenue Assurance projects in the energy sector, Case Management, Investigations and Litigation Support.

+64 48 159 461


Director, DUNCAN Holland

Duncan is a director and co-founder of Total Risk Management, specialising in managing complex, business critical, security issues. His previous experience includes work in the New Zealand Police undercover program and Police Terrorist Intelligence Unit. He brings a strong background in sales and marketing, and the experience of growing a services company from the ground up.

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director of Technology - Tony Grasso

Before joining Cyber Toa, Tony was Head of Engineering and R&D at a sensitive government agency and prior to that the Cyber Lead at Department of Internal Affairs. His technical background and expertise come from a career in the UK and New Zealand, including leading R&D and software engineering teams at GCHQ, Hewlett Packard and Oracle. He holds a first-class Honours Degree in real-time computing systems and has a first-class master’s degree in computer forensics - the only Interpol-Accredited forensic programme.
Tony co-hosts a fortnightly cybersecurity radio show, and provides vCISO advice to several organisations across New Zealand including DHBs and investment firms.
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Technical Team


Director of Training, Senior Security Consultant - Elf Eldridge

Dr. Elf Eldridge joined the Cyber Toa team in early 2018 from Victoria University of Wellington, where he was a lecturer and programme director for the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science. Previously he had worked as a senior tutor and outreach coordinator for Victoria University and for the MacDiarmid Institute as a PhD student. Dr. Eldridge holds a BScTech in Advanced Materials, a Graduate Diploma in Cellular Bioscience and a PhD in Physics. His research projects have included medical device testing and fabrication, network traffic analysis and using fuzzing to discover bugs.
Dr. Eldridge is also a training specialist with over a decade of teaching experience and a published track record in technical education research. He writes and runs cyber security workshops and courses for the Institute of IT professionals across New Zealand and, in 2018, wrote and delivered a Postgraduate Diploma in Cyber Security for the University of the South Pacific.
+64 27 964 3575


Sales director - murray Simonsen

Murray joined Cyber Toa to drive the sales and marketing process. A key focus is developing the customer experience and expanding the awareness and understanding of cyber security. Cyber Toa operate across a board range of businesses and government organisations throughout New Zealand and beyond.
Murray commenced his career in the print and packaging sector and held various management roles with a focus on innovation, sales, client engagement and relationship development.
+64 21 181 5952


cyber Security Consultant - Natasha Bettridge

Natasha joined Cyber Toa as a Cyber Security Consultant from OMGTech where she was a technical workshop lead.  She was awarded the 2018 Google Women Techmakers scholar award. 
Academically, Natasha studies Cyber Security and Networking with Unitec Institute of Technology, commencing her masters in July 2019.  Natasha started her career in technical support and education.
+64 21 263 5963


Cyber Security Consultant - Jack Moran

Jack Moran joined Cyber Toa in June 2017 while studying for his Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Network Engineering and Cyber Security at Victoria University of Wellington. Throughout his experience working for Cyber Toa, Jack has taken on further study at Victoria University towards a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Information Systems, and specialising in IT Management and Enterprise Security. He currently holds a Certificate in IT Computer Programming for Android, and a Certificate in PHP & MySQL.
At Cyber Toa, Jack provides custom technical solutions and implementations for clientele which includes programming, vulnerability scans and assessments, and more.
+64 22 049 0079