The Simplest and Most Common Cyber-Attack Method

What is Phishing?

Using emails to defraud or steal information from organisation and individuals, commonly known as phishing, is the most common form of cyber-attack in New Zealand. It is also the single cheapest, easiest and more effective means of compromising most organisations. While many organisations have some email filters for removing malicious emails, such as Microsoft and Gmail spam filters. However, these filters are not perfect- particularly where attacks become targeted towards specific individuals.

What is our Phishing Simulation Service?

At Cyber Toa we can support you by training staff and also conducting simulated phishing attacks, providing you with results so you know where to target your training dollar.  Using this service you can evaluate the human element of security as well as train staff thereby reducing the risk of successful compromise and achieving an improved security posture.

Our simulations range from very basic with several indicators which staff should easily identify through to more advanced.  The outcome – your staff are aware of what to look for in emails so your data is less likely to be compromised using this common threat vector.

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