Background Information


Social engineering, or the act of attacking the human element of security, poses a significant risk to businesses and organisations. The cost of data breach is far more than most understand, until they have experienced one themselves (in 2017 Maersk didn’t count on $300million and McEwan University didn’t know it would be $11.9million when they were breached).

Many social engineering attacks involve some form of phishing. When dealing with targeted attacks, this number increases significantly – some statistics report they increase to over 90 percent. At the same time, social engineering prevention and testing is often overlooked. Many companies have not considered performing any type of social engineering training or testing.

Phishing Simulation Service


At Cyber Toa we can support you by training staff and also conducting simulated phishing attacks, providing you with results so you know where to target your training dollar.  Using this service you can evaluate the human element of security as well as train staff thereby reducing the risk of successful compromise and achieving an improved security posture.

Our simulations range from very basic with several indicators which staff should easily identify through to more advanced.  The outcome – your staff are aware of what to look for in emails so your data is less likely to be compromised using this common threat vector.

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