Web Security Fundamentals




This course covers the most common web exploits and examples of vulnerable applications. This course gives managers and executives an overview of common exploits to check their applications against, and also provides general best-practice cybersecurity advice for organisations.

OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) is a global industry standard framework to develop and produce secure web applications. The OWASP framework includes both high level content (such as their annual report on the top 10 web vulnerabilities). 

Course Completion

  • Explain the details of common exploits and assess whether systems are exposed to them or not.

  • Understand a development processes for creating secure web applications.


  • Zed Attack Proxy (web app vulnerability scanner)


  • Application security verification project

  • Software Assurance maturity model

  • Top Ten web vulnerabilities Project

Senior Leadership

  • Software Assurance maturity model

  • Application security verification project

  • Top 10 privacy risks


Students should be familiar with the basic of web applications and traffic. Experience managing developers is helpful

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