Hackers View of Internal Vulnerabilities for Exploitation

Internal Cyber-Attack Testing identifies any known vulnerabilities in your internal networks. These can be attacked by malware bought into an organisation accidentally, such as via USB or email, but can also be bought in by staff members deliberately. This is known as an insider threat.

Internal vulnerabilities are often overlooked by organisations but are easily capable of crippling an organisation’s IT infrastructure. Unpatched routers or printers that are internet connected are common points of entry to a network that may not be identified as part of an External Cyber-Attack Test.

Cyber Toa can perform these assessments ‘ad-hoc’, but our recommendation is to have these performed on your systems regularly to ensure novel vulnerabilities or accidental changes are identified and remedied in a short period of tine.

The outcome of this is a concise format report which priorities necessary mitigation by the severity of the vulnerability. You can also be provided a network diagram of your network. This diagram will be useful for identifying weaknesses in architecture. It will also highlight how easily malware can traverse the network unimpeded. Cyber Toa also discusses any recommendations and findings with you to ensure all results are considered in the context of your individual needs.