Incident Response Playbook Course

The cyber security Incident Response Playbook course is one of our most popular courses, run by Cyber Toa’s Director of Training, Elf Eldridge.

We live in a world where cyber security effects everyone with an organisation, and it’s important for your company to be prepared for a range of cyber security threats. The course can be run either online or in person.

The Incident Response Playbook Course is run through Cyber Toa’s E-Learning Platform.

Course Content

The Incident Response Playbooks course is for those who wish to develop their own playbook(s) for their organisations in order to prepare them to respond to a range of cyber security threats. The course covers some best practice response playbooks, following the NIST cyber response frameworks, as well as working from existing playbook frameworks, adapting them to suit the specific needs of your organisation.


It is recommended that you have the following skills and knowledge before starting this course:

  • Are aware of the general types of cyber attacks, such as phishing and malware

  • Have experience with organisation-specific IT infrastructure and practices

  • Have interest in developing an organisation-wide cyber security response strategy that extends beyond only technical staff


Once the course is completed, you will be able to:

  • Explain common types of cyber attacks for your industry

  • Perform a basic assessment on your organisation’s risk profile against specific cyber attacks

  • Produce an iterative cyber response playbook for specific attack scenarios

  • Critique existing IT processes based on their resistance to cyber-threats.


"Thanks for putting that malware template together for us as well as the other phishing one as well. I intend to plagiarize the crap out them both to get my team involved in some expedited peer review, and it's great having all the other resources you've shared as well. ... it was great to hear things framed in the context of sysadmin/support staff. Prepping us on methods to document and establish business cases to campaign for an increased cybersec budget was not something I expected and I found great value in it."

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