Incident Response

Our professional incident Handlers provide a Technical and Business focused response, working with your staff to get your systems secured rapidly, determine what Information may have been compromised, and provide advice on Recovery and Resolution of the incident. Our Team have extensive Crisis Management experience and can assist with Management and Stakeholder communications.

The following are some of the areas that our advanced SEI-Trained Incident Handlers are experienced in:

  • understanding issues and challenges in handling privilege compromise incidents

  • detecting, analyzing, and responding to various types of malicious activity such as the use of rootkits, botnets, and distributed denial of service attacks

  • responding to insider threats and attacks

  • handling major computer security events and incidents

  • understanding the role of computer forensic analysis in Incident Handling

  • performing Artifact Analysis

  • understanding the fundamental causes of vulnerabilities

  • analyzing and coordinating response to reported vulnerabilities

  • publishing effective CSIRT Information