What is a Digital Footprint?

Most people have a presence on the Internet - either things they have placed on the Internet, or that another party has published. This Information creates a ‘Digital Footprint’ or a ‘trail’ that is left behind, which may be used to find Information about the individual, a business, organisation or Government department.

Cyber Toa performs a process to uncover this Digital Footprint. Thorough research is conducted using ‘outside the box’ thinking by an Analyst specifically trained for this purpose. The research limits and scope are discussed and agreed with the client prior to work being undertaken. Examples of the types of Information that may be found include:

-       Life patterns and habits

-       Affiliations (Family, club, friends, employment)

-       Contact details


Why have a Digital Footprint done?

Clients choose to have Digital Footprinting completed for a wide variety of reasons. Some of the common reasons include:


  • To provide additional assurance or information during a recruitment process
  • To provide key staff with information on their own online presence, perhaps as part of a Health and Ssafety process for those in the public eye, or a more general awareness campaign
  • To ascertain whether key personnel have been impersonated online

Recruitment Sector

  • Recruitment agencies and other clients prefer a Digital Footprint to be conducted during the final stages of the recruitment process to protect their brand, and reputation, and to ensure the candidates good character


Key benefits of a Cyber Toa Digital Footprint Analysis

Digital Footprinting

Our Senior Cyber Security Analyst has received specific Subject Matter Training with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and has over six years Operational Experience conducting work in this field with the New Zealand Government as well as for and alongside Australian, Canadian, UK, and US agencies.  As output from this process may lead to locating extremely personal information, all tasks are completed with absolute discretion.