Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber Toa’s cyber security awareness course covers a range of basic cyber security ‘hygiene’ principles that you can use to easily secure your personal or organizational cyber security. This course is run through our E-Learning Platform with a short video for each module.

Course Content

The Cyber Security Awareness course aims to give you clear actions that almost anyone can follow and some background information about how they can help you.

This course is split into eight modules. Each module has a short video and slides which covers the core concept of that module. The modules include:

  1. Cyber-attacks in New Zealand

  2. Passwords, password managers and multi-factor authentication

  3. Microsoft Office, PDFs, images and metadata

  4. Backups and updates

  5. New Zealand cyber security laws and policies

  6. Good WiFi and mobile device practices

  7. New Zealand Company Emergency Response Team (or NZCERT) Critical Controls

The course finishes with a quiz which checks your knowledge of what you have learned.


This course is for anyone who regularly uses any digital devices, such as phones, computers, tablets, wireless and more.

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