Cyber Reconnaissance and Recovery Introduction




This course provides an overview of the various risks, threats and vulnerabilities prevalent in organizations. The various measures to overcome those risks and threats to prevent cybercrimes are also covered in the course. Various security issues and concepts like web security, authentication and digital forensics are covered in detail. An understanding of the various tools and strategies to secure infrastructure and software are also covered. Students will also be introduced to incident analysis and response with scenarios and case studies.

Course Completion

  • Interpret the issues related to cybercrime of critical ICT infrastructure
  • Critically evaluate the web security domain and the internet
  • Identify various risks, threats and vulnerabilites of organizations
  • Review and re-assess web security, authentication and digital forensics concepts
  • Assess the strength of passwords and password hashes.
  • Understand and use basic web security assessment tools.
  • Use a variety of digital forensics tools.


Students must have a basic knowledge of networking, packets and ideally some experience with the command line

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