Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber Outreach webinars

Inducting new staff is increasingly complicated and time consuming.  It is critical that people coming into your Organisation receive consistent and current information about Cyber Security to protect your business  and its clients.

Quality Cyber Security Awareness Training is now available through Cyber Toa’s ‘Cyber Outreach’ interactive webinars

The interactive Staff Induction Cyber Security Webinar is delivered twice a month by our experienced SEI instructors. The 60 minute Awareness Training will raise the Cyber Awareness understanding for new staff by communicating best practice Cyber Security processes that can be applied with maximum effect and minimum effort.  


+ 1-hour non-technical session

+ Easily understandable

+ Interactive

+ Tips for at home and work

Cyber Outreach Webinars bring real world Cyber Security issues facing the workforce to life.

Cost:   FREE

‘Some of our team linked into the Cyber Toa free cyber security awareness webinar during Cyber Awareness week. The information presented was really informative, concise and practical with great advice on how we can do things to improve our own cyber security posture – Gavin’s password management system was really simple, practical and we will all be adopting it.’

Karen Holland, Manager - Compassion Soup Kitchen.


In-house Awareness for all Staff


This 90 minute, non-technical presentation, tailored specifically for your organisation, is intended to raise the cyber security awareness by communicating best practice that can be applied with maximum results and minimum effort. Delivered at your offices or a venue of your choice, our awareness training brings real world cyber issues to life, and can be delivered to groups of up to 100 at a time.

Many of our clients find it useful to invite their staff to bring partners and older children along to this Training Session.  The focus on Security at Home, as well as Work,  and helps lift engagement with the topic, and encourages Staff to protect work devices used outside the office.

Cost:  $800 (Excluding GST)  

If you are interested in the above Presentation, but the dates don't work for you or your organisation, no problem - Contact us to see how we can help.